Krka National Park

Discover Krka National Park from your very own Croatia villas

The National Park covers an area of ​​109 square kilometres on the River Krka and its tributary, Čikola, which opens at Skradinski Buk. The park is known for its incredible waterfalls, which have formed over several millennia and formed the landscape we see today. The river has a high calcium content, which nourishes the vegetation, creating the lush and verdant plant life that surrounds the majestic waterfalls. There are five main entrances to the park, so it should be easy to access from your holiday homes Croatia. Most visit from Šibenik, whilst also popular are Skradin and Lozovac. The other three entrances are at the beautiful Krka Monastery, Roški Slap, and Burnum.

Holiday lettings Croatia near the Krka River

The Krka River encloses Krka National Park and has a total length of 73 km. The Krka originates in the Dinarides Mountains and flows into the sea at Šibenik. Most of the river is located in the park, creating incredible opportunities to see the variety of small and large waterfalls. Watch out for the larger waterfalls: Bilušića buk (22.4 m), Corica buk or Brljan (15.5 m), Manojlovački slapovi (several waterfalls with a total height of 59.6 m, the main stage is 32 m high), Sondovjel (8.4 m), Miljacka slap (23.8 m), Roski slap (26 m) and Skradinski buk (17 steps with an overall height of 45.7 m). Most can be easily visited on paths and bridges or from the shore by those staying at holiday homes Croatia.

Getting there from your Croatia villas and what to see

This national park in Northern Dalmatia can be explored by boat, on foot and is parts by car. The most interesting ways to get around are with guided tours, which can be booked either before your holiday or from your holiday homes Croatia. Krka National Park is extremely rich in flora and fauna, with a total of 860 plant species and 222 animal species. Particularly noteworthy is the largest bat colony in Europe. During bird walks you can discover many species of migratory birds can be observed. There are 9 endangered species found here making this a great area to visit whilst self-catering in Croatia if you are an avid birdwatcher.

Sights and sounds whilst self-catering in Croatia - Krka

Discover old water mills along the river, ramparts above the gorges, and the island of Visovac in the lake of the same name between the Roška Waterfall and Skradin Cascade. Hear the musical water rush and trickle or find yourself in total meditative silence in the Franciscan monastery on Visovac. The museum has numerous rarities, whilst the orthodox monastery of Arhanđelovac is also worth a visit whilst renting your holiday lettings Croatia. Do not miss this sensational landscape on your holiday – one of the most beautiful and well-renowned national parks of Croatia.