Konoba Wine Cellars

Dalmatian wine cellars near our holiday homes Croatia

Our customers’ holiday expectations are very varied; reaching from simple Dalmatian homes to centrally located Croatia holiday apartments and Croatia holiday villas with pools. Yet there is one common opinion, spending a holiday in Dalmatia is not only relaxing, but also reviving and definitely worth the journey! Dalmatia is very popular among holiday makers, on the one hand because of the sunny climate, on the other hand due to the great landscapes next to the Adriatic Sea. Besides, the positive Croatian life style is quickly passed on, so you can forget about everyday concerns and simply enjoy your holiday on the terraces of our Dalmatian holiday homes in Croatia.

Konobas in Dalmatia

Not all of the traces of the Croatian war have vanished, however, the Croatians are generally very focused on their future as well as their strengths, which are hospitality, great food and music. It is not surprising that the so-called Konoba wine cellars have revived in Dalmatia. Konobas first occurred as a result of the Croatian traditions and can often be found close to NOVASOL’s Croatia holiday homes in Dalmatia. Originally those wine cellars didn’t have electricity and were built to store fresh food, like fish, ham or fruit, in order to protect it against the heat. They were built in caves or rocks and usually did not have windows. Today, Konobas have developed to small, cosy restaurants that prepare simple, but fresh meals. In Dalmatia, many locals meet up in Konobas and enjoy drinking, eating, chatting or even singing. It is a great place to come down, revive and feel happy while sitting next to your friends and family.


A dinner at a Dalmatian Konoba should definitely be on your list of things to do while staying in one of our villas in Croatia. Enjoy some of the tasty fish dishes including fried fish, sea food or the popular fish pot Dalmatinksi. It tastes amazing, especially with side dishes like freshly prepared Prosciutto, pita or white bread. Sometimes, you can also order pig, lamb, rabbit or goat dishes. The meat is usually grilled on open fire or using spits. Cold platters usually include regional salads, sheep and goat cheese and Dalmatian ham. Regional white wines, home-brewed fruit brandies or soft drinks are the most common drinks in Konobas. Sometimes you can access these wine cellars from the water – this is something you should definitely look up if your NOVASOL holiday rentals in Croatia are located close to the sea.