Kažuns, Bujne and Trims

Archaeological adventures whilst self-catering in Croatia

Book a holiday home Dalmatia and embark on an archaeological journey into the past with ruins from Stone Age settlements. Round, ancient, stone-built buildings appear in many locations in Croatia. The first of these buildings was allegedly built in Cyprus, before spreading in the Mediterranean, and later to the British Isles. In Italy, these small, rustic constructions are called Trulli, which you may be familiar with. The folk architecture in Croatia is rich with regional influences. Whilst self-catering in Croatia you can discover ancient roomed buildings, buildings with an entrance hall, pointed and round arches, and with or without windows…

From your holiday homes Croatia to Kažuns in a Roman field

In Istria these buildings are referred to as Kažuns: dry, stone-built, dome-shaped field shelters with an area of up to 30 square metres. They were typically used to monitor the fields and the harvest and are most prominent in the southern portion of northern Istria. If you are a fan of history and architecture and are staying in Istria, then keep your eyes peeled for these structures whilst self-catering Croatia. Considering their age, these Kažuns are surprisingly well preserved, and their range of shapes and sizes are fascinating. Round Kažuns are typical for southern Istria, whereas more square forms are encountered in northern Istria, especially around Poreč.

self-catering Croatia

Self-catering Croatia? Find a Bujne on Brac!

In Dalmatia you will find these traditional domes on the coast and on islands like the picturesque Brac and the Trims on the island of Hvar. Bunje are circular huts which have served as refuges for since their building. You will find many of these rock-built structures in Supetar, which is a main area on the island of Brac, where major agricultural products are wine, oil, fruit and nuts. Take a break from your holiday lettings Croatia and stroll through the leafy olive groves and vineyards here. You may find a Bunje tucked away, which once house a pre-historic family but is now used to store farming tools.

Trim and tidy on Hvar

The Trim is another dry stone house taken from Neolithic design, which you can find on the island of Hvar today. Visit the island of Hvar from your holiday lettings Croatia, and you will find in the western part of the island some 90 ancient stone houses. Trims were used as shelters and barns, and there are various differences and nuances between them, such as a protective barrier at the front or different looking roofs. Similar buildings can be found across Europe, but arguably not in this concentration or condition, so be sure to visit from your holiday homes Croatia!