Healthcare during your stay in our Croatia holiday apartments

The Croatian healthcare system usually has very high standards and includes high-quality services (source:World Health Organization). This fact is always very reassuring for NOVASOL holiday makers. In spite of only around £1,000 being spent per year and inhabitant, the health facilities examined by WHO seemed to offer same standards as in Western European countries. So enjoy your vacation in our holiday homes in Croatia and don’t worry about your personal health and safety.

Healthcare since Croatia’s EU accession

Since the accession of Croatia to the EU in July 2013, there have been a lot of health reforms going on. The overall goal is to further improve the public healthcare system and to fully fulfil all EU guidelines. Furthermore, the standing of GPs shall be strengthened and shall be easily accessible for everyone including tourists. There are numerous doctors in close distance to our villas in Croatia as there are so many in Croatia. By comparing the numbers of doctors per citizen to other countries, Croatia has a very good ratio. The extremes are probably Afghanistan with 2 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants and France with 37 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants. In Croatia, you find on average 26 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants and their practices are so close to our Croatia holiday apartments and villas.

Emergencies during your stay in our holiday homes Croatia

You can find hospitals and ambulances with emergency service in every bigger Croatian town or city. Don’t forget to take out travel insurance in proper time before your depart to our holiday rentals in Croatia. In case of emergency, your insurance company might bear the costs of any doctor’s fees. It is recommended to bring an insurance policy with you that lists all expenses that are covered with your specific travel insurance. The policy can be requested at your insurance company or sometimes with your credit card company, should they offer you an insurance cover.

Pharmacies in Croatia

In case of minor illnesses or diseases, it might be sufficient to see a pharmacist, which can mostly be found within a few kilometres of our Croatia holiday homes. Medication in Croatia is usually cheaper than in United Kingdom due to the lower production cost. So shouldn’t you feel well, make sure you visit one of the pharmacies andthey will let you know if you should additionally see a GP.