Donkey Races

Watch donkey races with villas in Croatia

The donkey is an interesting animal; on the one hand he is often described as a stubborn and silly creature, whilst on the other hand donkeys were worshipped as gods. Book one of NOVASOL’s Croatia apartments and discover the role of the donkey in the region of Dalmatia! In the karstic, mountainous landscape of Dalmatia, the donkey was primarily used as a pack animal. His hoofs are perfectly adapted to the uneven ground, which allows him to travel everywhere. Nowadays, many locals still own donkeys – so keep your eyes peeled whilst staying in one of our Croatia villas!

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Although donkeys are not usually very fast, in exceptional cases they can reach speeds of up to 50km per hour. Therefore, they are often used for racing, and events are organised across Dalmatia. Events are held in towns including Sukošan, Tisno and Tribunj – and with a wide range of holiday homes across Dalmatia to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice with which to visit! The races are popular festivals, which attract many visitors from near and far, including guests staying in our Dubrovnik accommodation. Mingle with the locals and soak up the atmosphere – you will not be disappointed.

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Sukošan Memorial of the donkey Vijola

Every year since 1968, Sukošan hosts the event named ‘Memorial of the donkey Vijola’. A fun activity for visitors enjoying a cheap holidays Croatia, the unique festival celebrates the great importance of the donkey in everyday life. The celebrations include plenty of traditional food, wine and traditional costumes and is certainly not to be missed whilst staying in one of our Croatia villas! As the festival is close to plenty of picturesque countryside, it is the perfect addition to those enjoying forest holidays in Dalmatia.

Tribunj Donkey Reserves

Alternatively visit the village of Tribunj, which is about 3 and a half hours north of Dubrovnik, where you will find a range of Dubrovnik accommodation to choose from. Tribunj is nestled amongst beautiful scenery, just fourteen km away from Šibenik, which is a great option for those seeking cheap holidays Croatia. Whilst there, visit the small islands of Logorun and Lukovnik, which are home to the country’s first donkey reserves. Perhaps combine a stay in one of our Croatia apartments with a visit to the traditional donkey race which is held in Tribunj during the first week of August each year. The festival attracts visitors from near and far – who come to enjoy the good food, Croatian wine and lively music.