Dalmatian dinner– self-catering Dubrovnik

In Dalmatia in Southern Croatia, there are so many mountain peaks right next to the Mediterranean Sea and you can enjoy stunning landscapes both, on Mainland Croatia as well as on the many Dalmatian islands. Those landscapes are very important for the Dalmatian agriculture. Fertile soils, clear air, clean water and lots of sunshine are so important for the production of regional Croatian products. Have you ever tasted Dalmatian fruit, vegetables, grain or wine? It tastes amazing!

During your stay in our Dalmatian holiday homes in Croatia, don’t be surprised to see animals close to your property. Many Croatians have their own pigs, sheep, cattle and hens as they prefer to eat their own meat, milk and eggs. Those regional delicacies taste so different to what we are used to eat as the animals are used to eating natural, untreated feed.

Restaurants in Dalmatia

During your stay in our Croatia holiday villas, we can promise you that you will hardly find any restaurant chains. It is part of the Croatian culture to run individualised, mostly family-owned businesses. The restaurants usually offer regional specialties depending on the season and local availabilities. Almost every Dalmatian restaurant will offer fresh, healthy fish on their dinner menu as this is a quite common dish in Croatia. Croatian fish is so tasty and every restaurant prepares it in a slightly different way, albeit inspired by the Italian cuisine.

Cooking dinner in your Croatia holiday homes in Dalmatia

From time to time, our customers prefer to cook dinner themselves, rather than visiting one of the Dalmatian restaurants, coffee houses or traditional Konobas. It is so easy to prepare cold platters for your family or friends and all ingredients can be bought at one of Croatia’s local markets. Or why not prepare a buffet or organise a BBQ in the garden or on the terrace of your villas in Croatia? And don’t forget to buy some regional wines, like Dingaèfrom the peninsula of Pelješac or Zlatan Plavafrom the island of Hvar.

Home-made bacon, the farmer sausage Kolbas, the sheep cheese Paški Si and the Dalmatian ham Pršut should be part of your dinner in your Croatia holiday apartments, cottages or villas. The so-called Ražnjiæi roasting spits are always great for your own barbecue, whereas the Dalmatian Hlap lobsters and regional seafood are quickly prepared for a fast dinner. As a dessert, why not taste the delicious, small coconut cake Èupavci?