Villas in Bulgaria – self-catering holidays

Many people think Bulgaria is just the home of the popular Bulgarian holiday resorts of Sunny Beach or Golden Sands, however Bulgaria has a lot more to offer than just fun in the sun alone. Whilst self-catering Bulgaria does present the opportunities for lazy days spent on its beautiful beaches; the country is also full of many varied and captivating Bulgarian historical sites, which speak of the country’s somewhat turbulent history, as well as lots of cultural experiences which are sure to enrich your holiday. With NOVASOL you can choose from an excellent range of carefully selected and inspected holiday homes in Bulgaria, so all you need to think about is which side of Bulgaria you would like to see today!

Bulgaria villas

Holiday homes in Bulgaria – Culture

The culture of Bulgaria is one of great contrasts; as you travel from small villages in rural locations to the thriving and bustling larger cities the culture, cuisine and atmosphere change immeasurably. The country is constantly evolving and is fast emerging as one of the most popular in the new wave of European self-catering holiday destinations for families as much as those looking for active holidays or simply affordable holidays in Europe filled with history a rich history, culture and tradition. Self-catering Bulgaria makes a great choice of destination in both summer and winter as it provides its visitors with a wealth of activities and sights throughout the year.

Bulgarian culture – explore whilst self-catering Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country who’s economy and culture is in rapid development, creating a contrasting country. Booming industry, cities and trade sit alongside villages which have remained unchanged for years; you will have the opportunity to discover it whilst self-catering in Bulgaria and by choosing to spend your holiday in one of our villas in Bulgaria. The major cities, such as the buzzing capital of Sofia, are becoming more modern, while in the country they still live a more simple life – horse and carriage is still used as means of transport! Perhaps you would enjoy a trip into the countryside, slightly set apart from the main tourist areas and lively Bulgarian holiday resorts, to enjoy an authentic and honest taste of this unique country; from the Bulgarian cuisine to the culture and history of its people.

Explore the wonderful city of Sofia

The country's capital city of Sofia is a wonderful city which not many know. The city offers a wealth of historic attractions, interesting museums, child-friendly attractions and plenty of shopping opportunities - both in brand shops and the stalls at various markets – for you to explore and enjoy whilst staying in our Bulgaria apartments or villas near the city centre. It makes for a fantastic destination for self-catering holidays in Europe for families, couples or groups of friends alike, providing plenty of opportunities for simply wandering around and getting lost in its streets.

Holiday homes in Bulgaria

Culture and tradition in Bulgaria – holiday accommodation

A number of ancient civilizations have left behind their legacies in Bulgaria; meaning there are many different influences on the Bulgarian culture and the traditions which we still see practiced whilst self-catering Bulgaria today! It is argued that Bulgaria has one of the richest folk heritages seen anywhere in Europe; which manifests itself in the Bulgarian cuisine the country’s folk music and many different celebrations which take place throughout the year.

Bulgaria holiday accommodation - culture and celebrations

One of the most unusual and visually stunning would have to be the ancient Bulgarian tradition of Kukeri; when men cover themselves in animal furs and dance in order to ward off evil spirits to bring a good harvest and health to the people. We would highly recommend that during your stay in any one of our self-catering holiday villas in Bulgaria you make an effort to experience some of the amazing Bulgarian folk traditions, including Kukeri, or catch a performance of some Bulgarian folk music and dancing.