Villas in Bulgaria – self-catering holidays

When self-catering Bulgaria is mentioned as a holiday destination, so many people think primarily about Sunny Beach or Golden Sands; a place where young people let their hair down and enjoy themselves in the summer. However, Bulgaria has much more to offer; in fact, the country is a favourite holiday destination for European self-catering holidays for many families and with NOVASOL we are proud to offer you a great range of many lovely holiday homes in Bulgaria from where the can experience this beautiful country for yourself during your next getaway. In addition, Bulgaria makes a great choice of destination in both summer and winter as it provides its visitors with a wealth of activities and sights throughout the year.

Bulgaria villas

Holiday homes in Bulgaria – Bulgaria holiday resorts

The country is rich in tradition, culture and history for you to uncover. There are a lot of amazing areas of almost unspoiled nature which opens up the possibilities for several activities or simply relaxing in the beautiful scenery during your stay in our villas in Bulgaria or self-catering holiday apartments in Bulgaria. The larger and bustling cities bring contrast to the more peaceful life in the villages. Of course there also plenty of beaches on which you can relax, the lovely summer time temperature in Bulgaria provides the perfect conditions for fantastic self-catering European beach holidays and the fact that Bulgaria is so affordable means it could not be easier to visit Bulgaria for your cheap holidays in Europe.

Bulgaria villas – cuisine

The cuisine of Bulgaria is closely linked with that of other countries in South Eastern Europe in which have our range of self-catering holiday homes in Europe. The food is diverse from region to region because of the varying environmental factors throughout the country and therefore the produce which is available. Many typical Bulgarian dishes which you are likely to come across during your stay in one of our self-catering Bulgaria villas share lots of similarities with Russian, Greek, Italian and Middle Eastern dishes. You are likely to find a lot of delicious soups, plenty of dairy produce and many different types of tasty pastry offerings.

Bulgarian holiday villas

Typical Bulgarian cuisine – self-catering Bulgaria

Stews and grilled meats, particularly sausages, are popular in traditional Bulgarian cuisine and you will find that they make up many of the main courses that you find whilst self-catering Bulgaria. Pork is a very commonly used meat in Bulgarian cooking but chicken is also widely used as is fish, especially on coastal areas. As is the case with many of the Balkan states, the consumption of dairy is significantly higher than the rest of Europe and you will have the chance to try many yoghurts, cheese and dairy dishes unique to the region during your stay in one of our Bulgaria holiday apartments or villas.

Influences on Bulgarian cuisine – Bulgarian holiday homes

Should you decide to spend your next self-catering holidays in Bulgaria with NOVASOL, the various influences from a number of different on the culture of Bulgaria and the cuisine of the country will soon become apparent to you. Bulgarian cuisine shares a lot of dishes with that of Middle Eastern nations, this dates back to around the 7th century and has resulted in the widespread popularity of dishes which include Moussaka and Baklava. One particularly popular dairy offering is the traditional Bulgarian cheese of ‘sirene’, which is similar to feta. There is also a strong Turkish influence on the cuisine and typical dishes of Bulgaria.

Villas in Bulgaria

Food and celebrations in Bulgaria – villas

Celebrations throughout the year in Bulgaria often go hand in hand with certain dishes. If you are staying in Bulgaria villas at Christmas you should sample the traditional Bulgarian Christmas Eve speciality of vegetarian stuffed peppers whilst the spring-time celebration of St. George’s Day in May is marked with roast lamb in many Bulgarian homes. Celebrate special occasions in your chosen Bulgarian holiday homes or just pay this fascinating and ever-changing country a visit – book your ideal Bulgarian villas or apartments with NOVASOL today!