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The region around the Bulgarian city of Bourgas, which is located in the east of the country directly on the Black Sea coast, has magnificent beaches and bays with fine, golden sand in front of a crystal clear water. The ground is only gently sloping, so here it is nice and safe for bathing - which makes the area especially for families with small children an attractive holiday destination in Bulgaria. Combine this with a wealth of affordable attractions and pursuits, a warm and vibrant culture and something a little different from your usual resort holiday, Bourgas is most definitely one to watch this summer.

Villas in Bulgaria

Historically rich – the city of Bourgas

Bourgas is the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The area was formerly inhabited by Thracian tribes and in the Middle Ages a small fortress was built and called Pirgos. In the 17th century Bourgas took its present place and was named Achelo-Bourgas. The foundation walls of today's port were laid in the beginning of the 20th century in 1903. Bourgas has developed into an important commercial, industrial and cultural centre for the Balkans over the course of time, but there is still very much a pride in history and museums, monuments and archeological sites can tell you a lot about culture in Bulgaria today.

Things to do in Bourgas

From the station in Bourgas, Aleksandrovska Street leads to the city centre, where all the sights and cultural facilities of Bourgas are concentrated. Those who enjoy a little retail therapy whilst away on cheap holidays in Bulgaria will find countless shops and boutiques with everything from light summer clothes to hand-crafted souvenirs for the loved ones at home. Nearby you can also lounge around at the 72,000 square metres of park at the Sea Gardens, visit the Poda wetland reserve or check out numerous opulent churches and cathedrals.

Apartments and villas on Sunny Beach

Azure water, long sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, authentic cafes and restaurants with delicious dishes, ancient basilicas, hospitable residents and reasonable prices all make Sunny Beach an increasingly popular holiday resort. Bulgaria, the Balkan country, has many places worth a visit, but Sunny Beach certainly entices people in with a variety of beach-based watersports, nightlife and stunning sand dunes. Have a Bulgarian banquet in the market area, hit the beach or take the kids for a day out at the water park - whatever you do, check our Black Sea villas and apartments and find yourself a convenient and comfortable holiday home right by Sunny Beach.

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Bourgas offers a wide range of excursion possibilities. For example, you can explore the many sightseeing museums and churches, a green marine park and a remarkable harbour on your holiday. For every taste and every age there is the right thing, so that boredom is an absolute impossibility. We recommend visiting Varna, or splitting your Bulgarian holidays in Bourgas with a weekend trip to Varna, where you can discover this, the second largest city on the Black Sea coastline. Rent a Black Sea villa in Varna and discover an in-depth pre-history with Thacian and Roman sites, a well-populated schedule of international arts events and fantastic beaches.

Investigate Nessebar

The Bulgarian city of Nessebar is located directly on the Black Sea. If you are staying in a holiday cottage in the region, you will always have a fresh sea breeze and warm sun on your back, where you will be caught in a magical atmosphere walking between ancient churches, basilicas and thick castle walls. Dine on freshly fried fish (popcheta) here and other staples of Bulgarian cuisine found by the seaside.The sea was always of immense importance to the city, whilst the fort particularly shows how important Nessebar once was as an intellectual and centre for commerce. The ancient mineral-containing springs here are interestingly connected by a complex, underground system that dates back to the Roman era.

Discover Pomorie

Another town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, which is ideal for an excustion from your Bulgarian villas or apartments, is Pomorie. Northwest of this idyllic town lies the placid lake of the same name, where you can relax with a spa treatment, or enjoy another of countless activities. A treatment with the softening mixture will leave your skin soft as silk. In ancient writings, the lake is even described as sacred, whilst the high salt content of the lake is used industrially. Several tons of the white mineral is extracted annually, which you can see in a local museum.

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Service – Why NOVASOL?

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