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Between France and Holland lies Belgium; a country divided into 2 distinct halves - the Flemish in the North and the Walloons, from Wallonia in the South. If you are hoping for a variety of culinary experiences during your next self-catering holiday in Europe, then renting a holiday home in Belgium is a great option for you. The cuisine in Belgium is so tremendously varied and delicious that you are sure to find dishes that you will love whilst renting holiday cottages in Belgium. Enjoy the cuisine in Belgium, which has formed over hundreds of years with influences from all over Europe. The Belgian cuisine as we know it today has been influenced by the Dutch, French, Germans, Austrians and the Vikings! Medieval cookery styles are also still visible in the country's cuisine today. We offer 200 holiday homes in Belgium - several of which are dog-friendly cottages - be sure to check out the lovely natural landscape, see the coast and typical Belgian towns in Flanders.

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Dishes to try whilst self-catering Belgium

When one thinks of the cuisine in Belgium our minds tend to wander to thoughts of waffles, fries and beer; and whilst it is true that Belgium is famed for these dishes, Belgian cuisine offers so much more than this and is also so much more refined. We hope you will take the following as some inspiration for your next holiday self-catering Belgium and that you will enjoy trying some of Belgium's less famous but equally superb dishes! During the spring and early summer months, Belgian white asparagus comes in to season. Dubbed 'white gold' by the locals, it has a distinctly sweet and delicate flavour and is loved by the Belgians who cook it in a variety of ways - you would struggle to find a restaurant which does not have it on the menu during these months!

Holiday cottages Belgium - experience a world-famous cuisine

Whilst staying in holiday cottages Belgium we would also suggest you try the croquettes, which differ from the Spanish version as they tend to have a thick cheesy filling or sometimes have diced shrimp inside. Both smoked and fresh eel is regarded as a delicacy in Belgium and has a uniquely sweet and moreish flavour - definitely worth a try even if you are not a fan of fish! Of course, no visit to self-catering Belgium would be complete without a generous helping of Moules Frites; the freshest of mussels doused in a creamy herby sauce and accompanied with those famous Belgian 'frites', simply delicious! Of course there are also the world-renowned Belgian chocolates, which deserve a page all to themselves! Food plays an important role within Belgian culture. Belgium also produces around 165 different varieties of cheese, so don't miss out on the opportunity to sample some during your stay in one of our holiday cottages in Belgium!

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Holiday cottages in Belgium - food culture in Belgium

Many people probably also think of Belgium as the 'land of beer', and rightly so! After all, Belgium does boast over 450 different brands of domestic beer. The variety of beers on offer is just as varied as the landscape itself is the beer: there are a unique variety of different types of beer with a variety of flavours and aromas for you to sample whilst renting holiday cottages in Belgium. From the monastery beer through to ordinary Pils, from cherry beer up to the light wheat beers and the heavy Trappist to the red-brown beers - be sure to sample at least a couple of different varieties during your next self-catering Belgium holiday! If you stay in one of our Belgian holiday cottages during a time of religious celebration, you will have the opportunity to try some fantastic traditional pastries, which are often associated with events in the Church calendar and play a role in Belgian history - such as a baby Jesus shaped pastry eaten at Christmas time!