Holiday homes in Saranda - Albania

Explore beautiful Saranda whilst self-catering Albania with NOVASOL

Saranda is unofficially the capital of the Albanian Riviera. Here are NOVASOL apartments with views of the Ionian Sea and access to what looks like a beach in the Caribbean. Saranda is Albania's bathing and party town, which every year tourists flock to enjoy the warm climate and the beautiful sandy beaches. Follow the seafront with the crystal clear water on one hand and cafes and restaurants where you can sample some of the typical Albanian cuisine on the other. Old Saranda has lost a little of its charm, but on the other hand, the newly renovated city has got so much charisma that it overlaps it lost.

Havnen i Saranda

Rent a holiday apartment in Saranda, close to beautiful beach and crystal clear sea

Situated between absolutely stunning beaches and beautiful mountain ranges, Albania's southern city Saranda is in the top 3 tourist destinations in Albania. In Saranda, your holiday apartment is just a few hundred meters from the water or overlooking the beautiful sea. If you are on holiday to Saranda, you have the opportunity to combine a beach holiday with a lot of exciting history, beautiful scenery and of course relaxation. In the holiday apartment in Saranda, everyone can meet their holiday needs. Is the vacation for you to lie with a good book in the sun or play games until late at night, so a holiday apartment in Saranda is not a stupid idea. Here is the time and space for everyone to get their wishes fulfilled. When you are on holiday in one of our self-catering holiday homes in Albania, it is a tourist attraction in its own right to drive along the Albanian Riviera. Here are small cozy mountain towns with beautiful views and historical remains dating back to thousands of years. It is a great opportunity to see the Albanian culture and nature. If the ride is too long, make some stops at the beautiful beaches that the Albanian west coast is so famous for. Here everyone can cool down and get some fresh air.

Ferielejlighed Saranda

Rent a holiday home in Saranda with short distance to exciting attractions

Choose our villas in Albania in Saranda, where relaxation and enjoyment with the family are top of the priority list. But no holiday here would be complete without a little Albanian culture, close to your holiday apartment in Saranda, there are several interesting sights with good stories about Albania's past. Pay a visit to the Ethnological Museum, located in the old customs building at the harbor. Here the museum exhibits interesting photographs, from when Albania was subject to the Communist regime. Especially, they are photographs of the 20th century, which illustrate Saranda's urban development over recent decades. Nature enthusiast or not, Albania abounds with beautiful national parks. Just south of your holiday apartment in Saranda, lies the amazing Brutrint National Park, which impresses with an area of ​​more than 9,000 hectares. In steep slopes and flowering forest areas, a sea of ​​archaeological and historical finds are hidden, dating back to the Bronze Age. The many different findings give you a lot of unique experiences, which also has led to the fact that the big national park has come to be a UNESCO world heritage site. If you just can not get enough of the Albanian Middle Ages, take a trip to Lëkurësi Castle. Raised above the rest of Saranda, you can get a whole adventurous view of both the resort and the beautiful landscape with the Ionian Sea, which continues indefinitely. There are lots of exciting experiences about your holiday apartment in the Albanian resort, so book your next vacation at NOVASOL Holiday Rental.

Stranden ved Ksamil
Great beaches and even better experiences in Saranda

Do not cheat yourself for a trip to an amazing Bounty beach. During your visit, you will be in doubt if you have traveled to the Caribbean Sea, this place is a true paradise. Ksamil is a small village a little outside of Saranda, which has the most amazing beach with the finest sand and the most beautiful coral blue water. In the little bay you can immerse yourself in the sand and take swim trips to the small islands in the bay. This place is a hidden Albanian gem and a visit every one of your holidays self-catering in Albania. The Albanian nature is unique and you can experience it with only half an hour's drive. In a beautiful forest lies Syri in Kaltër, a spring farm, located in a unique and adventurous area tucked away among centuries-old oak and maple trees. Syri in Kaltër is a big hole in a rock where crystal clear water flows and fills a beautiful and lush lake. This is an ideal place to lace the hiking boots and explore.

Things to do from your chosen Albania accommodation
If you intend to explore the Ionian Sea,  you could go on a day trip to the beautiful Greek island of Corfu whilst renting one of our hand-picked Albania accommodation options. From Saranda you can sail to the lovely island and spend a full day exploring the island's spectacular history and beautiful architecture. Corfu, like Albania, has been ruled by both the Byzantine, Italian and British empires and has been subject to the Venetian empire for 400 years, as evident in the city's architectural monuments. If you want a longer stay in the delicious Greek island of Corfu, then rent a NOVASOL holiday home in Corfu. With a holiday home, you have time to see the beautiful cities and enjoy the beautiful beaches, great shopping and the amazing Greek atmosphere