Self-catering villas in Albania

NOVASOL has over 150 holiday lettings in Albania, so why not discover this unique Southern European country during your next holiday. Albania is a wonderful destination for self-catering holidays in Europe throughout the year, with activities and attractions on offer for families with young children, groups of friends hoping to unwind as well as couples. The most popular region of Albania is the old port town of Durres. We have a lovely offering of holiday accommodation in Durres, which will provide the perfect setting for a memorable self-catering holiday in Albania!

History of Durres - accommodation in Durres

Visit or stay in Durres whilst self-catering in Albania with NOVASOL. Durres, formerly Durraza, is an ancient city founded in 627 B.C. According o the legend it was founded by an Illyrian king. In 1627 B.C Greeks from Corfu and Corinth invaded the area and called it Dyrrachium. Learn more about this period in Albanian history during your stay in our holiday accommodation in Albania. During the 1st to 3rd centuries A.D Dyrrachium became the key centre and port of the Eastern Adriatic coast, you can still visit many monuments from this period within easy reach of your Durres accommodation whilst self-catering Albania with NOVASOL.

Historical sites - Albania villas and apartments

The Amphitheatre is one of the biggest and most exquisite Albanian historical monuments that has survived from the ancient city and definitely one of the highlights to visit whilst self-catering in our holiday accommodation in Albania, in the city Durres. It is the largest in the Balkan Peninsula, built in the 2nd century A.D, with a capacity of about 20,000 spectators. It was abandoned in the middle Ages. The amphitheatre was unearthed by chance in 1966, by a citizen digging in his garden. Because of the earthquakes that shook the city, only 1/3 of the ancient city has been excavated. During your stay in our Albanian villas, there will be plenty of historical monuments for you to visit!

Historical sites - Albania villas and apartments

The Archaeological Museum is also worth visiting whilst renting holiday homes in Albania. It is situated near the sea and in easy reach of our holiday lettings in Albania, and is rich in objects excavated in Durres. It gives a view on the ancient Dyrrachium. Durres underground has been declared “a cultural monument” and the new constructions are permitted here only with the approval of the Institute of Cultural Monuments. Today Durres, offers a wide range of accommodation and fantastic experiences of the Albanian culture. In summer time the city is so alive with many people who visit it not just for leisure holidays in self-catering Albania accommodation, but also for cultural /historical tours.

History of Albania

During the 5th and 6th centuries A.D, due to its key geographical position, Albania became one of the most important parts of the Byzantine Empire. During a period Durres, was also the capital city of Albania. Today Durres is one of the biggest towns and sea ports in Albania. It has a population of 100,000 inhabitants, but this population doubles in summer time as this city is much preferred for family cheap beach holidays in Albania. The Adriatic Sea is perfect for family holidays in one of our holiday villas or apartments in Albania, because the water is warm and the sea is shallow. The wide sandy beach area, gives possibility for great number of tourists.