Self-catering holidays in our Albania villas

As anyone who has visited Albania will tell you, it is one of the most unique and enthralling places in Europe. However, it remains a largely undiscovered holiday destination - which means you can still find areas which are almost completely untouched by mass tourism. If you do decide that you would like to spend your next holiday in one of our self-catering holiday villas in Albania, then you will find that the country is actually full of surprises. Why not set out to explore somewhere new and different by choosing to stay in one of NOVASOL's holiday homes in Albania.

Discover Albania from your self-catering villas

Albania is a small and largely mountainous country in the South-Eastern part of Europe - located on the Balkan Peninsula. Albania has a population of around 3 million people, who were are sure you will find during your stay in your chosen Albania accommodation are warm and friendly and generally very hospitable to visitors. There are numerous popular holiday resorts in Albania which provide the perfect setting for relaxation and fun in the sun - including our self-catering Durres accommodation - which boast spectacular white sand beaches and crystal clear waters and definitely rival those of the more well-known beaches of Albania's neighbours!

Albania holiday villas - things to know

So if you are hoping for cheap self-catering holidays in Europe, then our Albania villas to rent may just be the right option for you! We have provided what we hope you will find is some useful information and facts worth-knowing about Albania in order to ensure that you get the most out of your stay in our carefully hand-picked holiday homes in the country. Albania is a frequently misunderstood and overlooked country, but we hope to change this as we believe the country has so much to offer any and all who visit; from a rich and fascinating culture and history, to dramatic mountain landscapes and postcard-perfect beaches - holidays in Albania have it all!

Things to know - holiday rentals Albania

The currency that is used in Albania is the 'lek' and we would suggest trying to exchange any left over cash at the end of your stay in our Albania villas to rentbefore you leave the country as many foreign exchanges in other countries don't like taking it. When staying in our self-catering holiday accommodation in Albania please be aware that the standard electricity voltage is 220. Many of our guests in our Albanian holiday homes hire a car to make getting around easier as the public transport is not especially reliable - even in the capital city of Tirana. However you will find an abundance of taxis.

Things to know about self-catering Albania

The average temperatures in Albania vary throughout the year; with temperatures soaring to the high 30s in the summer months from June to August - so if you are renting out our holiday lettings in Albania in the summer be sure to pack sunscreen! Temperatures average around 7 degrees Celsius in the daytime in winter. Albania is a great choice for a family holiday as it is sure to offer you and your family something a little different for your European self-catering holidays. The country is also very safe and it is part of the Albanian culture to be welcoming of children.

Sights and attractions - Albania holidays

Children are also sure to enjoy some of the varied outdoor activities which are on offer during your stay in our lovely authentic Albanian villas. You will be able to make the most of the wonderful natural beauty as there are lots of great hiking and biking trails as well as numerous water sports on offer all over the country. For anyone who enjoys a spot of fishing, then a stay in one of our Albania holiday homes is a good option for you too! There are plenty of fishing opportunities in Albania - particularly around the Shkoder area - and it, somewhat surprisingly, has some of the best seafood on offer in the region.