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If you are hoping to discover somewhere new for your next self-catering holidays in Europe, then why not explore the largely underrated country of Albania with NOVASOL? There are lots of beautiful Albanian holiday resorts, which are popular with both locals and tourists alike; including the lovely town of Durres. Our self-catering holiday homes in Albania provide a great setting for everything from relaxing family holidays to cultural escapes, romantic getaways with your partner and fun-filled breaks with friends. Albania offers something for all its visitors; from sun-worshippers to those in search of cultural enrichment and history Albania’s multi-faceted charms are sure to captivate you during your stay in our Albanian villas.

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NOVASOL is proud to offer a great range of holiday accommodation in Albania, including over 150 holiday villas to rent in Albania - many of which come with their own private pool! Discover Albania and all of the unique treasures that it has to offer, from beautiful coastlines complete with white sand beaches and clear blue water of both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, to majestic mountain peaks and a number of great towns and cities to explore with plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in the Albanian culture whilst self-catering in Albania.

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If you decide to spend your next European getaway in one of our self-catering holiday homes in Albania, you will have the unique opportunity to learn about the Albanian history, try some of the traditional Albanian cuisine and get to know the Albanian culture first hand. Spend time in one of the captivating Albanian holiday resorts, frequenting some of the many lively cafes, bars and great restaurants. You can also visit some of the numerous cultural attractions of Albania, or try to catch a performance of some traditional dancing or music!

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You will find whilst self-catering in Albania in our Albania villas that there are lots of varying sides to the Albanian culture. There are 2 main cultural groups in Albania - the Ghegs and the Tosks. Whilst there are some differences between these two groups they share a strong sense of national identity and pride in the Albanian culture. During your self-catering holidays in Albania you will find that although many people now dress in what would be considered 'Western' clothes; particularly among the older population, many still prefer to dress in the colourful and embroidered traditional Albanian garments.

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As a result of the varied periods in the self-catering holiday homes, the different groups of people in Albania celebrate a number of different cultural events, festivals and holidays which you can enjoy throughout the year whilst self-catering in Albania with NOVASOL. One of the biggest and most popular Albanian cultural events is the pagan celebration of the Summer Festival. Usually celebrated on the 14th of March, it is said to signify the official end of winter, the rebirth of spring and with that the rejuvenation of hope for the Albanian people.

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The Gjirokaster National Folklore Festival is widely regarded as the single most important event in the Albanian culture. It is one huge celebration of all things Albanian, namely the country's traditional dress, dances, music and the beloved Albanian folklore. No matter what time of year you decide to stay in our holiday lettings in Albania, it should be easy to find a cultural event to enjoy in Albania as both large scale and small events take place throughout the year. The Albanian Independence Day is also celebrated with great vigour on the 28th of November. Albania gained its independence in 1912, after 500 years under Ottoman control.