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Albania is still one of the more undiscovered and largely underrated destinations for self-catering holidays in Europe, we at NOVASOL hope to change this and are therefore proud to offer you a fantastic range of over 150 holiday villas in Albania to rent for your next holiday in Southern Europe. Discover Albania and all of the unique treasures that it has to offer, from beautiful coastlines complete with white sand beaches and clear blue water of both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, to the majestic mountain peaks of the so-called 'Albanian Alps' - the Prokletije - as well as a number of great towns, cities and things to do whilst self-catering Albania.

Discover Albania - Self-catering accommodation

Choose to spend your next holiday in Albania in one of our carefully selected and checked self-catering holiday homes and you will be able to explore this unique Central European country at your own pace. Albania makes a great choice of destination for all types of holidaymakers and for a number of different types of holidays. If you are in search of relaxing beach breaks in Europe, then why not browse our range of holiday accommodation in one of the popular holiday resorts in Albania, such as those which line the Adriatic coast?

Holiday homes in Albania - cuisine

Visit the so-called 'Albanian Riviera' in the south and you will find that it is on of the most popular and bustling beachside holiday resorts in Albania, boasting many lively cafes, bars and great restaurants where you can sample some authentic and traditionally prepared Albanian cuisine during your stay in our holiday accommodation in Albania, including Albania apartments to rent. The wide sandy beaches draw lots of locals and tourists alike to the crystal clear waters and so you can enjoy freshly cooked seafood which has been caught in the surrounding waters.

Sample Albanian cuisine - Albania villas

You will find whilst self-catering in Albania in our Albania villas that the typical cuisine of Albania is greatly influenced by the Greek, Italian and Turkish cooking styles. It involves the use of plenty of delicious fresh herbs such as oregano and you will find vegetables used in almost every dish. If you want to do as the Albanians do during your stay in our Albanian holiday accommodation then you will find that lunch is normally the main meal of the day, as opposed to the large evening meals we may be used to. A typical Albanian lunch will normally consist of a meat-based stew and freshly prepared salad.

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Albanian food - holiday homes

If staying in or visiting some of the more rural locations in Albania whilst renting out our holiday lets in Albania, then you are likely to come across a variety of different traditional Albanian dishes, which differ from the seafood-based Mediterranean fare down on the coast in the popular Albania holiday resorts such as Durres. Here you will likely find lots of smoked meats, which has probably been reared in the local area as self-sufficiency is typical in Albanian culture. In the mountainous regions of Albania, vegetables are often pickled and it is common to use the offal of meats.

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Typical Albanian cuisine

The food here is simple and hearty and definitely a little different to what we way be used to but worth a try whilst self-catering in Albania none the less for an authentic Albanian experience! Dairy is featured heavily in the cuisine of Albania so you will be able to try lots of different regional and locally produced dairy products during your stay in our hand-picked holiday homes, including cheese and yoghurts. Why not visit a local market to pick up some ingredients and prepare a home-cooked meal in the kitchen of your chosen holiday home.

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