Self-catering holidays in our Albania villas

For holiday makers who are looking for something a little different during their stay in European self-catering holiday homes, Albania may just be the right choice for you! Albania still remains a largely underrated holiday destination, although we at NOVASOL are hoping to change this! Albania - a mysterious beauty that has, until now, has been untouched by mass tourism. This is slowly changing however, gradually Albania’s beauty is being recognised and people are falling I love with this unique southern European country. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in our villas to rent in Albania in one of the buzzing seaside resorts or by the shores of the beautiful Lake Ohrid, which Albania shares with neighbouring Macedonia.

Discover Albania from your self-catering villas

Albania enjoys a unique location; located in South-Eastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula boasting beautiful coastlines along both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Albania also has lots of stunning white sand beaches, many of which house popular Albanian holiday resorts and offer a wide variety of activities for you to enjoy during your stay in one of our self-catering holiday homes nearby. Our Albania holiday villas are located in some of the most popular and bustling resorts of the country, or in picturesque natural surroundings - so you will be able to make the most of everything on offer during your Albania holidays. We offer a great portfolio of self-catering holiday villas in Albania which will surely provide an excellent base form which to explore this captivating country. There are a number of holiday resorts in Albania which offer a varied and exciting offering of activities and attractions suitable for all types of groups of holidaymakers.

Albania holiday villas - things to do

There are plenty of things to do whilst self-catering in Albania with NOVASOL; no matter whether you are travelling with a partner, friends or children. Albania is rich in cultural as well as historical attractions and sights to see. Folkloric traditions still also play an important role in the Albanian culture today so you will find numerous traditional celebrations and festivals going on throughout the year, including the great celebration of the Albanian Summer Festival on March 14th - which we would suggest visiting if you happen to be staying in one of our Albania holiday villas at the time!

Things to do with children in Albania

Should you decide to spend your next holiday with NOVASOL in one of our Albanian holiday villas, or even our self-catering holiday apartments, you will find that the country makes for a surprisingly wonderful European family holiday destination in one of our self-catering holiday homes! The people of Albania are warm, friendly and particularly welcoming to children. There are also a number of attractions and things to do in Albania which are sure to capture your little ones' imaginations. One example would be the one of a kind UNESCO city of Gjirokaster with its incredible architecture dating back to the Ottoman period.

Self-catering on the Albanian Riviera

The so-called Albanian Riviera is so beautiful it rivals its French counterpart; a day or two spent lounging on its perfect white sands is a must for any beach-lover during their self-catering Albania beach holidays. Alternatively, a day or so spent exploring the fascinating and vibrant capital city of Tirana is always worth-while; offering a host of cultural attractions as well as a glimpse into the interesting Albanian history. If you have hired a car for your stay Albania holiday homes, then we would suggest not to miss the opportunity to drive on one of the most spectacular roads in the world - the Llogara Pass.

Sights and attractions - Albania holidays

There are lots of historical and cultural attractionsfor you to visit. Among others, there are the great National Historical Museum and the National Art Gallery in Tirana. The famous Skanderbeg Museum is also not to be missed as it is one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in Albania. If you are looking for something more active during your holidays in Albania, then there are lots of great hiking and biking trails as well as numerous water sports on offer all over the country. Albania is also a good destination choice for anyone who enjoy fishing, in either lakes or at sea!

Self-catering accommodation in Albania

Holiday accommodation in Albania varies and ranges from comfortably furnished apartments located in the main resorts with tourist infrastructure such as Dürres (Drač), Vlora or Saranda located directly opposite the island of Corfu. Around Sarande you will find several ancient monuments which you can visit during your stay in one of our holiday villas to rent in Albania, the most famous of which is the city of Apollo. Ohrid Lake is not the equivalent of Bohemian Mácha Lake, on the contrary, it is a peaceful destination with clear water. The other face of Albania is also worth seeing - small coastal coves and mountain villages. Automobile transport, preferably using a 4x4 is the most convenient way to get to know Albania and make the most of your holiday. There are miles of unspoiled coastline for you to discover during your stay in one of our holiday homes and apartments to rent in Albania, dotted with the occasional sleepy fishing village.

Beautiful beaches to explore from your villas to rent in Albania

You have a fairly good chance to come across a white sandy beach where you can spend the day alone if you wish. Explore the foothills of the so-called Albanian Alps known as Prokletij during your self-catering accommodation in Albania. Not far from Sarande is the so-called "Blue Eye" - a crystal clear pond formed by a sprawling underground spring that offers pleasant refreshment. You will find something to enjoy almost everywhere you go in Albania. In the towns you will find restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues, inland there are excellent hiking opportunities and on the coast there are stunning unspoilt beaches. Below, we have listed some of our favourite attractions and things to do during your stay in one of our villas and apartments to rent in Albania.

Skanderbeg Square in Tirana: An impressive square in Tirana. In the middle of the square stands a statue of the hero Skanderbeg, after which the square is named. A must-see if visiting Tirana.
Butrint National Park: The core of the national park is the archaeological city of Butrint - recorded on the UNESCO World Heritage List - where you will be able to see Greek ruins or go on a guided tour.
Lake Ohrid: This mighty lake separates Albania from Macedonia and is very popular with anglers. The lake is 700 meters above sea level and is surrounded by mountains, so it's also worth a trip for adventurous guests.
Amphitheater: It is one of the largest and most exquisite monuments that have survived from the ancient city. It is the largest in the Balkans peninsula, built in the 2nd century AD, with a capacity of about 20,000 spectators. It was abandoned in the Middle Ages. In the 10th century a chapel, galleries and a cemetery were built in the area. The amphitheater was excavated by chance in 1966 when a citizen dug in his garden. Due to the earthquake that shook the city, only 1/3 of the ancient city has been excavated today.
The Archaeological Museum: The Archaeological Museum is close to the sea and is rich in historical artifacts from excavations in Durrës.