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NOVASOL has over 150 hand-picked holiday homes in Albania, so why not discover this largely underrated country during your next holidays in Southern Europe. The small country which sits on the Balkan Peninsula of Europe has both Adriatic and Ionian coastlines; where crystal clear waters lap against the shores. The so called 'Albanian Alps', or Prokletije to use their proper name, cross the country through its interior, providing spectacular scenery for those who venture to the area during their stay in our villas in Albania or Albanian apartments.

Holiday homes in Albania

Villas in Albania - Durres

The most popular region and Albanian holiday resorts is Durres, where you can rent charming Albanian holiday homes. Uncover the charms of Durres for yourself by renting one of our self-catering holiday homes in Albania in this region. Durres, formerly Durraza, is an ancient city founded in 627 B.C. by, according to legend, was founded by an Illyrian king; the city is actually one of the oldest in Europe. Today Durres is one of the biggest towns and sea ports in Albania, as well as the most popular of the holiday resorts in Albania. It has a population of 100,000 inhabitants, but this population doubles in summer time as this city is a 'hot-spot' for family beach holidays among Albanians and tourists alike.

Family holidays in Albanian villas

The Adriatic Sea in Albania is the perfect place for family holidays because the water is warm, the sea shallow and crystal clear. One of our self-catering holiday homes is surely the best possible base for your family holidays in Albania as you will enjoy the comfort and privacy of our fully furnished Albanian holiday homes and self-catering Albanian apartments. In the Southern part of Albania, below the lofty peaks of the Ceraunian Mountains, you will find the 'Albanian Riviera' - home of wide sandy beaches that draw great numbers of sun-worshippers in summer and offer a variety of activities to suit all ages. In this area you will find a mixture of developed resorts; filled with restaurants, bars and busy cafes, intermingled with some untouched areas perfect for those hoping to avoid the crowds.

Things to do - villas in Albania

A you will see whilst visiting Albania with NOVASOL, there are lots of things for you to do and see within easy reach of your Albanian holiday homes. From the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gjirokaster, to the architectural delight that is Berat - so called 'town of a thousand windows'. You will also find during your stay in one of our hand-picked holiday homes, that Albania is home to lots of castles and other historical monuments which provide us with an insight into Albania's unique past. As well as gaining insight into the history of Albania, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy some fantastic natural beauty whilst staying in our apartments and villas in Albania.

Self-catering Albania


Admire natural beauty - Albania holiday homes

Albania offers its visitors lots of pristine natural beauty which is unique to this region of Europe, with a number of tourist attractions and places of interest that are sure to surprise and delight you during your self-catering holidays in Southern Europe in NOVASOL's Albanian villas and apartments. Just outside of the fascinating capital city of Tirana, you will find Mount Dajti; which offers visitors a long cable car ride up to its summits from where you can marvel at the stunning views of the city and the surrounding forests. Across Albania you will find various activities on offer for holidaymakers who enjoy outdoor pursuits; including boating, kayaking and lovely hiking trails.

Visit Tirana - Albania's lively capital

Albania's colourful capital has a unique and interesting mixture of architectural styles, which speak of the many and varied influences that Albania has seen over its long history. Whilst self-catering Albania in one of our comfortable and modern Albania apartments or villas you can make the most of what Tirana has to offer its visitors, including; a host of beautiful churches and mosques, plenty of lush areas of greenery dotted around the city as well as numerous fascinating museums. Pay a visit to the world-class National Historical Museum during your stay in one of our self-catering holiday homes on a day trip to Tirana - perfect for anyone looking to learn about the history and culture of Albania, from prehistoric times to the Communist era.