Holiday accommodation on the Albanian Riviera

Holiday homes on the Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera is unique - from the otherwise popular destination of Vlora and right down to the Albanian seaside resort of Saranda, small, amazing beaches adjoin the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. Just a few hundred meters into the mainland are beautiful forest areas overlooking the sea and idyllic mountain villages with lush mountain sides for you to explore whilst self-catering in Albania. In the mountain villages along the Albanian Riviera, NOVASOL is renting holiday homes for lovers of exploring new lands and cultures, and for those who just want a holiday in Albania, where there is relaxation and sunbathing on the program. Along the beautiful coast it is obvious to drive mountain biking or go hiking in the sometimes hilly terrain. With a holiday home on the Albanian Riviera you are guaranteed an absolutely stunning beach and a house in beautiful surroundings.

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Holiday homes on the Albanian Riviera

If you come from the north, the beautiful city of Dhërmi will be hidden in a bay and therefore be difficult to spot. However, the village will admit after a sharp turn where the Albanian houses will appear along the steep rock wall. The houses in the city are a mix of new and old, and it's just one of the things that make the holiday experience unique. From your holiday home on the Albanian Riviera you are not far to an absolutely stunning beach with crystal clear water. Then pack your bag at home with a drink and delicious snacks, then prepare for a full day by the beach under the hot sun. Dhërmi is also one of the very big historical cities where you can truly sense the great development Albania has undergone - here are both old houses and newly renovated holiday homes overlooking the beautiful Adriatic Sea. In the city you can see the church towers, hundreds of years old but still beautiful, where you can learn more about the history of Albania with the whitewashed mountain range as a backdrop. On your vacation in Albania there is room for relaxation and enjoyable hours with your fellow travellers.

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Rent a holiday home in the Albanian olive grove - Borsh

If you have traveled further south, the winding mountain road will lead you to the cozy town of Borsh. This lovely resort is more touristy, which has given the city more prosperity than many of the other cities on the Albanian west coast. In addition, Borsh has been and is still a major producer of olive oil. On the steep slopes there are thousands of olive trees, lush and fertile, giving the city's residents work and prosperity. Although most inhabitants have their roots in the city, it is the few who have lived in the city throughout their lives. The Albanian people have been run on time and again, but have also found back to their city to rebuild and live the place they love most. And it's just Albania's history, which makes the city interesting to many holidaymakers. No matter where you move on the Albanian Riviera, there are places of past and beautiful locations that are just waiting to be explored by you. When renting one of our holiday homes in Albania on the Albanian Riviera, there is a short distance to the beach, and if you need a dip before breakfast, hop a trip to the pool. Several of the apartments on the Albanian Riviera have access to a shared pool. It's a perfect start to the day before you snuggle the hiking boots and take you to the hilly terrain. Absolutely unique is Borsh Castle, which has been destroyed several times, but was rebuilt in the Middle Ages to the building today.

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Explore Albania with NOVASOL

Is there something that Albania has a lot of, so are the national parks. Lush green and absolutely wonderful views are what you can expect if you visit the national parks on your vacation. Many of the parks are all the way to the coast, so if you rent a holiday home on the Albanian Riviera, it is obvious to plan a visit to one or more of them. A little south of Vlora you will find Llogara National Park, which is a popular attraction. The park is especially used by European holidaymakers who love walking and being in the lovely nature. Enjoy the spectacular flora where there are hundreds of different wildlife, including deer, otter, eagle, squirrel and many others. The mix between it's clear mountain air and the breeze from the ocean makes tourists flow to the national park. It is highly recommended to pack a packed lunch, perhaps filled with some traditional Albanian food, which you can benefit from at one of the seats overlooking the Ionian Sea.

Things to do on the Albanian Riviera

If you are planning a visit to the Albanian seaside resort of Saranda, do not cheat yourself out of a trip to Brutrint National Park. With the 9,400 hectares of land filled with historic sites, archaeology and flowering areas, the National Park impresses most visitors during their stay in their chosen self-catering Albania accommodation. Everywhere in the hilly landscape you will find life back from the Bronze Age until the 19th century. Combination between stunning scenery and beautiful monuments makes Butrint very special and is also one of the reasons why the National Park has come to UNESCO's World Heritage List.