Winter Apartments in Switzerland

You will be hard-pressed to find many winter holiday destinations in Europe that are more atmospheric than Switzerland. Apartments and chalets in this gorgeous country take advantage of winter snow and festive activities, and provide families and couples with a terrific platform for enjoying the natural environment. Explore the dramatic landscapes of Switzerland and enjoy skiing and other activities while renting Swiss apartments with NOVASOL. We offer a range of accommodation across the centre and south-west of the country, perfect for a winter escape.

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Self-catering in Switzerland

The beautiful Swiss scenery is best enjoyed with the flexibility of self-catering. Switzerland is home to some of the most breathtaking mountains in the world, which become covered in snow during the winter months, ripe for skiing. This enchanting environment stretches across much of the south of the country, and is easily accessible by renting a Swiss holiday lodge on the mountainside. After a day of outdoor activities, head out to local restaurants and enjoy hearty Swiss food such as cheese fondue to get your strength up.

Winter holidays

Going abroad during the winter is a fun way to break up this otherwise grey and miserable time of year. It is liberating to get away during the winter, and experience different destinations when they aren’t in hot, crowded, summer tourist mode. Switzerland is the ideal winter destination for those looking for chilly winter weather and has plenty to offer on family holidays over the festive period. From Swiss apartments, spend days on the ski slopes, or discover brilliant cities like Lucerne and Geneva. If you arrive before the New Year, you can also enjoy incredible festive markets in towns and cities across the country.

Switzerland ski holidays

Switzerland is one of the best countries in the world for skiing. People have been going on Switzerland ski holidays for generations, and it shows with the fantastic infrastructure and facilities for the sport. However, that would be nothing if the country didn’t have good slopes, and luckily these don’t disappoint with varied degrees of difficulty available in all the major resorts. Rent apartments in Switzerland in Valais and venture out onto the snow each day in search of adrenaline pumping descents. Then, after your excursions, warm up by the fire of holiday lettings and relive the day’s most exciting moments.

Natural landscapes

Whichever time of the year you travel, Switzerland has an incredible natural landscape to be explored. During the winter, the towering mountains and sharp valleys are covered in snow, giving the appearance of a magical paradise, somewhat untouched by humanity. In some areas, the mountains decent rapidly into large lakes such as lakes Lucerne and Geneva, and tourists can venture around these on boat trips. Rent Swiss apartments with NOVASOL and see as much of this natural beauty as possible with the flexibility holiday rentals provide.

Picturesque towns and cities

There are many wonderful towns and cities to discover across Switzerland in the wintertime, each with its own unique quality that makes it stand out. The capital, Bern, has a delightful medieval centre, built across the Aare River. Visiting from holiday lettings nearby, families will find plenty of interesting sites such as the Zytglogge – a fifteenth century clock tower with decorative moving parts. However, perhaps the most picturesque city in the country is Lucerne, located on the banks of the central Lake Lucerne. This charming city makes a fabulous day trip from Swiss apartments, with tourists wandering around its pretty streets and marvelling at the preserved architecture.

History and culture

Swiss culture puts a high value on tradition, with many areas of the country performing the same role that they did hundreds of years ago. Of course, there are glitzy new skyscrapers in major cities such as Geneva and Zurich, but venture into the countryside and you will find a tranquil environment that has remained relatively unaltered through the tumultuous upheavals of the twentieth century. Skiing is a big part of Swiss culture, and on ski holidays in Switzerland families can get a feel for the crucial role it plays in the country. For history buffs, there are plenty of things to see while self-catering, including castles such as Thun Castle in the Bern region.

Christmas in Switzerland

If you are in search of a white Christmas on your next winter holiday, there are few destinations in central Europe where this is more likely than Switzerland. Self-catering in the country over the festive period, families are very likely to see some snow, particularly high up in the Alps where it can fall day and night. Switzerland is also a fabulous destination for Christmas markets, with some of the best located in major cities Basel, Zurich and Lucerne. Rent apartments in Switzerland and visit the Christmas markets, picking out delicious festive treats and washing them down with glasses of glogg.

Winter Food

Swiss food is warming and indulgent, perfect for the cold winter months. Dishes such as cheese fondue and raclette will be eagerly gobbled up on family holidays, especially after high-energy days on the slopes. One of the major attractions of Switzerland is, of course, the chocolate, which has been made here since the mid-nineteenth century. Find the nearest artisan chocolatier to your holiday home and buy plenty of goodies for friends back home. Be careful though, if you bring the chocolates back to Swiss apartments too early on in the holiday, you might eat them all by the time you leave.


NOVASOL has been providing high quality and good value holiday homes for over 50 years. Now the largest provider of holiday rentals in Europe, we are committed to offering families fantastic choice when choosing their next getaway. Swiss apartments offer a fun way to enjoy the skiing, history and food of this wonderful country during the winter. If you are looking to stay elsewhere in the Alps, we also have chalets in Austria, and northern Italy that might take your fancy.