Winter Holidays in Italy

Italy’s enduring appeal is, in part, due to its reputation as an all-seasons holiday destination. Whether you are going in the heat of summer, during the sprouting of spring, or in the chilly winter, self-catering in Italy is something all the family can get behind. Winter is a particularly interesting time to visit Italy, especially if you enjoy holidaying with less crowds and cooler weather. Explore the culture and cuisine of this wonderful country in your own time by renting Italian villas with NOVASOL.

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Italy self-catering

Renting villas in Italy is the best way to enjoy the nation’s world famous food and culture. With a city-centre apartment or a countryside villa as you base, enjoy the things you want to see in the regions that you want to visit. Italian villa holidays are also a smart option for family holidays, as you can choose all the essentials to suit each member of the family. Does Dad want an outdoor barbecue and the kids a private pool? When self-catering with NOVASOL, you select one of our thousands of villas to meet your exact specification and price.

Winter holidays in Italy

If you are looking to see Italy in a different light, or simply want to visit on a smaller budget, the winter months are a great time to rent villas and apartments. Italy opens up to intrepid travellers in the winter, as popular sites and attractions get less busy and become easier to fit into a short holiday. Want to visit a city like Florence for the day and be able to fit in 4 of its top attractions? Winter is the time to go. Don’t expect the restaurants and bars of Italy to be quiet in the winter, however. The country is a popular destination all-year-round and milder weather certainly doesn’t stop the Italians living their food-filled lifestyles.

Winter villas in northern Italy

If you want a festive atmosphere and the chance of snow on winter holidays in Italy, head to the northern regions of the country, at the foot of the Alps. Holiday homes in Lombardy, in particular, are ideal for getting in the festive spirit as numerous markets pop up in the towns and cities of the region during the winter time. Or, if you want to experience the winter romance of the Italian lakes, rent one of our Lake Garda apartments, or browse our accommodation on lakes Como, Maggiore and more.

Winter villas in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of Italy’s most diverse and charismatic regions, and is just as wonderful during the winter as in any other season. When renting villas in Tuscany, holidaymakers can enjoy the sights and smells of wonderful cities such as Florence and Pisa in the north, and Grosseto in the south. If you prefer to rent countryside villas in Italy, NOVASOL has a magnificent range in Tuscany, ready to tick any box you have. Winter guests venture into the towns and cities of Tuscany each lunchtime and evening to enjoy the regions speciality dishes, washed down with local Chianti.

Winter villas in Sicily

If you are in need of some milder weather over the winter period, and maybe even some sunshine, Sicily is Italy’s best bet. The large island, located below Italy’s southern boot, enjoys the warmest weather in Italy at all times of the year. The warm winds from Africa usually stop things getting too cold on the island, although visiting the beach from Sicily villas might be a bit of a stretch! While self-catering, enjoy the island’s historic cities Syracuse and Palermo, and indulge in the cuisine which is markedly spicier than mainland Italy' and heavy with Arabic influences.

City breaks in Italy

Winter is the ideal time for a European city break. No other country in Europe offers an equal range of choice in city break destinations as Italy, with fantastic options up and down the country. For a touch of romance, Venice is always hard to beat. Rent Venice apartments with NOVASOL and explore the winding canals by gondola for a few days and dine on the fresh seafood. Or, what about Rome? The Eternal City has more history too discover than most countries, and has an attractive culture to immerse in for the weekend. If your family prefers a bit more space, you can always rent an Italian villa outside one of the major cities and venture in each day by car.

Christmas in Italy

The festive period in Italy is a joy to be a part of. Each city and region has their own local traditions which often involve parades and large feasts which tourists are invited to participate in. On Italian villa holidays at Christmas, join in with Italian traditions such as feasting on fish on Christmas Eve and writing love letters to family members while self-catering. Italy is quiet a religious country, so for those which enjoy that aspect of the festive period there are impressive services that takes place in churches and religious sites all over the country.

Italian winter cuisine

Winter cooking in Italy is all about hearty flavour combinations and warming dishes. This time of the year is for melanzane and slow cooked casseroles, enjoyed in restaurants or made yourself in the comfort of your Italian villa. Traditionally, many Italians ate eel on Christmas, stuffed in pasta or in other combinations. These days, stuffed Turkey is often the main Christmas Day meal, washed down with local wine. However, as you will discover on Italian villa holidays, the real treats come out for desert, with Pantone and variety of desert wine featuring prominently.

NOVASOL Italian villas

With thousands of villas in Italy – on its mainland and on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia – you can be confident of finding your ideal self-catered holiday accommodation with NOVASOL. Italy can be expensive, particularly in the warmer months, so NOVASOL offers a wide range of holiday homes, varying in price an specification. Our Italian holiday lettings are also offered at a lowest-price guarantee, meaning that you cannot find them anywhere else; helping to give families value for money whenever season they travel.