Last Minute Holiday Homes in Belgium

The land of chocolate and beer, Belgium is a famous destination for last minute holidays. Whether you are off to Belgium for last minute family holidays in the summer, or for the Christmas markets and hot chocolate during the colder months, self-catering with NOVASOL is the best way to experience it all. NOVASOL has a range of holiday homes in Belgium from beachside apartments to hilltop cottages in the heart of the Ardennes. And, with its close proximity to the UK, it’s always super-easy to book and travel to accommodation in Belgium, even at the last minute.

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Belgium self-catering

Self-catering in Belgium is one of the easiest ways to indulge in the European way of life without having to travel that far by plane or car. Despite being less than an hour’s drive from Calais, Belgium has a unique culture which mixes influences from neighbours France, Holland and Germany, while throwing in many of its own famous traditions such as chocolate making and beer brewing. Discover this magnetic country for yourself by renting last minute holiday homes in Belgium with NOVASOL.

Summer holidays in Belgium

Belgium isn’t known among Brits as a traditional summer holiday destination, but give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised. The coast of Belgium attracts families from all over the region who travel to resorts such as Ostend in search of beachside fun and delicious seafood. If beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities are more your kind of thing, the south-east of the country is dominated by the Belgian Ardennes which are fabulous for cycling and hiking while renting holiday cottages. Belgium is a relatively small country, so wherever you stay, you will be able to get around and see plenty of what the country has to offer.

Winter holiday homes in Belgium

When searching for last minute winter destinations, Belgium should be at the top of your list as it transforms into a festive paradise full of Christmas markets and warming traditions. Across the country, from Durbuy to Bruges, festive markets open up in town squares selling hot waffles, scrumptious chocolates and every delicious Christmas treat that you can imagine. Renting holiday lettings in this period is all about indulgence, and will provide that last minute boost you need before Christmas.

Explore the Ardennes

In the south east of the country can be found the undulating hills and untouched forests of the Belgian Ardennes. This is one of the best places for active families to rent holiday homes in Belgium, with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities nearby. If your family enjoys cycling holidays, bring over your bikes on the back of your car, or rent them when you are over there, and go riding in the valleys and forests. There is also plenty of history in this region to be unearthed while self-catering, such as the historic city of Durbuy which argues its case for being the smallest city in the world.  

Last minute holidays at the seaside

Why not mix it up this summer and head to Belgium for a last minute seaside holiday? On summer holidays in Belgium, families are inevitably drawn to the seaside, and in particular the extensive attractions of the city of Ostend in Flanders. Here you will find large sandy beaches as well as historic sites such as the Royal Galleries Pier and the Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum. For fans of seafood, the city is a great place to rent holiday homes in Belgium, and is famous for its fresh shrimp which was historically fished from horseback off the city’s beaches.

Belgian food and drink

Of course, one of the biggest reasons for self-catering in Belgium has to be the food and drink. Belgian chocolate is famous all across the world, but it is in within Belgium where inquisitive visitors can find the purest and most delicious blends of chocolate recipes. However, try as you may, you can’t survive the whole holiday on chocolate alone, and luckily Belgium has a plethora of great dishes to enjoy in between chocolate binges. Moules frites is one of the country’s national dishes, and is delicious all-year round, especially in Bruges and other destinations near the coast. A fun activity from holiday homes in Belgium is to visit one of the many Monastery breweries which make the famous high-percentage Belgian beer. You can try all the different types of beer in beerhalls across the country; just make sure you write down a taxi number before you set off!

Travelling in Belgium

Getting from A to B in Belgium is easy due to good infrastructure and the relatively small size of the country. Families renting holiday homes in Belgium can explore different attractions such as the Waterloo battle site and charming city of Ghent all in one holiday. If you want to mix things up further while self-catering, take a trip on one of Belgium’s fantastic double-decker trains which will zip you around the country for very reasonable on-the-day prices. Or, use the designated cycle paths which link many Belgian towns and are a safe and healthy way to get about on family holidays.

Holiday villages

Some of our accommodation in Belgium is located in specialist holiday villages where numerous families come together for their holidays. These villages are perfect for those who like to make friends on holiday and many have shared facilities such as a lake or pool within walking distance from holiday lettings. If you have young children, or perhaps a single child, having neighbours of the same age to hang out with can be very beneficial, especially if you recruit them for some active activities in the surrounding countryside.

Self-catering with NOVASOL

With over 50 years’ experiences providing holiday homes in Europe, NOVASOL knows what families are looking for when self-catering. Plenty of choice is essential – that means choice in price, design, location and many other variables. Good choice needs to be offered months in advance as well as at the last minute for those who like spontaneous travel. Browse our range of Belgium holiday homes and use our filters to find the holiday lettings that are just right for your family. Whether you are travelling at the height of summer or in deepest winter, we have something for everyone.

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