Holidays by the Beach in France

France has a terrifically diverse coastline. From the vast open beaches of Normandy and Brittany, to the idyllic bays of Aquitaine, to the busy golden sands of Provence – France has beach holiday destinations for everyone. This explains, among other reasons such as the wonderful food and delightful weather, why many French people choose to holiday within France and show little desire to travel internationally for holiday villas. France simply has so much to offer for self-catered holidaymakers, so it would be silly to let the French enjoy these wonders all by themselves.

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Make a break for the sea with beachside French villas

France has been a very popular destination with Brits for generations. However, we often flock to the French countryside, neglecting destinations on the coast. This is a great shame as the French coast offers amazing activities and impressive scenery, easily enjoyed when renting villas in France with NOVASOL. French villas are perfect for families who want to immerse themselves in the culture and cuisine of the French coast, without any constraints on their movements or flexibility. When self-catering, France opens up to active families.

Seaside villas in Normandy

There is a reason why Normandy is so popular with families. French holidays homes here are wonderfully easy to get to from the UK, and yet feel as French as anywhere else in the country. Renting French villas on the Normandy coast, there are a number of wonderful beachside towns to visit. One such town is Deauville which has a picturesque town centre with little shops and boulangeries. The town also has one of the best beaches in the region which is wide and sandy – typical of beaches in Normandy.

Brittany gites for seaside self-catering

The French region of Brittany, which sticks out towards the Atlantic, is one of the best locations for family holidays. Slightly quieter than its neighbour Normandy to the east, the region is full of sleepy coastal towns and picturesque villages containing many comfortable villas. Britany is nicknamed the ‘land of the sea’ because of the way the sea dominates the life and culture of the region. Visit the town of Auray and city of Saint-Malo to find out why it has gained this name, making sure to wander around the cobbled streets and visit the coastal churches. For fabulous beaches, rent a French villa in Saint-Malo and enjoy the city’s beaches in the day and restaurants in the evening.

Holidays by the beach in Corsica

When thinking of holidays in France, Corsica is often not considered along with the major destinations. This may be because the large Mediterranean island has a distinct character that is slightly different from mainland France. Villas in Corsica take advantage of the Mediterranean’s warm weather and abundant seafood, offering visitors an experience which feels almost as Italian as French. If you are looking for lots of activities and excitement by the beach, you can find that in Corsica too. Rent French villas with NOVASOL near the capital of the island, Ajaccio, and sign up to the plethora of water sports which are offered at the nearby beaches.

French villas by the gorgeous beaches of Provence

Villas in Provence are some of the most popular in France. French tourists flock to the county’s southern region all year round in search of the warm sun and golden beaches that can be found near the coast. The region is also home to France’s second city, Marseille, which is a hive of activity and culture all year round. For a historic day-trip, visit the Roman ruins in the ancient city of Arles and have a wander along the river. This city is a beautiful place to rent holiday homes in France, and has easy access to the nearby sandy beach at Piemanson.

Explore the Côte d'Azur on villa holidays in France

Although the Côte d'Azur is a destination well known for its high rising beach hotels, it is also a fun place to rent self-catered accommodation. Villas in France don’t tend to get more luxurious than on this famous stretch of coastline, so take the family here and channel your inner celebrity. With so much debate over which are the best beaches in the Côte d'Azur, renting French villas on the coast gives self-catering travellers the flexibility to try them all out and decide for themselves.

Diverse weather on French beach holidays

On such a large and diverse coastline as that of France, villas are subjected to a wide range of different weather conditions. The northern regions of France have a similar climate to the south coast of Britain, so you can’t guarantee sun and hot weather just as you can’t over here. However, these northern regions are less likely to get extremely hot as it can in Provence, where the temperatures can hit 35 in the summer. If you have a very young family that is not yet in love with the baking sun, renting villas in Brittany and Normandy may be the smartest option.

French food

Villas in France are the perfect vehicle for enjoying the delicious French cuisine. Free from the shackles of a hotel, self-catered tourists enjoy eating in the cafés and restaurants which dominate the towns and cities of the coast. Fish and seafood is, of course, on the menu in every fishing village in France, but look out for muscles and oysters in Brittany where they are particularly scrumptious. Holiday homes in France are also fun for exploring the massive warehouse supermarkets which are located outside most French towns. Take your family to one of these to stock up on supplies and marvel at the cheese selection.

Why choose NOVASOL for French villas

France is one of the UK’s most popular destinations, and here at NOVASOL we have a range of French holiday homes to match that enthusiasm. NOVASOL villas in France are varied in every specification and are located all over the country. Having such a wide range of holiday homes does not mean cutting back on quality; all of NOVASOL’s French holiday homes are hand selected and checked thoroughly before being offered for rent.