German Castles

Germany is the best destination in Europe for magical and imposing castles. These amazing structures, built throughout the last millennia, tower over valleys and sit proudly atop hills all over Germany. Providing the inspiration for many a tale including those of Frankenstein, the German castles are also represented in modern culture through the design of Walt Disney’s famous Sleeping Beauty Castle among other things. Experience these wonderful attractions yourself by renting holiday homes in Germany with NOVASOL and visiting on day trips in the car.

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Wartburg Castle – holiday homes in Germany

Located in Eisenach, in central Germany, Wartburg Castle has delightful views over the town of Eisenach and the surrounding forests. The castle played a very significant role in the Reformation, hiding Martin Luther who translated the Bible into German there in 1522. The significance of the castle was not missed by Hitler who tried to get the cross taken down from the castles main buttress and replaced with a swastika. Now, Wartburg is a rich and engaging attraction to visit while self-catering in Germany, giving families their history fix on holiday.

Burg Eltz Castle – holiday homes in Germany

While renting accommodation in Germany, particularly in western Germany, the castle at Burg Eltz is well worth a visit. Built initially in the 12th century and then transformed into the structure of today in the 16th century, the castle is plucked straight from a fairy tale. Its location, tucked away in the middle of a forest, a 45-minute walk from the train station, has kept the castle from destruction or pillaging during the major wars of the 20th century and gives it a remote and mystical feel. Burg Eltz is located in a remote spot, so make sure you bring some snacks and an umbrella in case the weather turns. Don’t worry about getting muddy on your hike up to the castle, with holiday rentals you can stick your clothes in the washing machine when you get back.

Neuschwanstein Castle – holiday rentals in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle is the most famous castle in Germany, and perhaps the world. Attracting more visitors than any other castle in the country, the towering pale structure sticks up from the landscape, surveying the Bavarian Alps. Located close to the border with Austria, Neuschwanstein is a great place to visit from Bavarian apartments or on Bavarian forest holidays. Built not as a defensive castle but as a retreat for Ludwig II of Bavaria, the castle is the model for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle and is sure to get youngsters excited.

Hohenschwangau Castle – self-catering in Germany

Sitting right next to its neighbour Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau Castle was purchased and renovated by Ludwig II’s farther Maximillian II. Far cuter and smaller than its younger neighbour, the castle has picturesque red tiled roofs which mark it out against the luscious green canopy of the surrounding forest. Views from the castle's buttresses look out across Swan Lake which is a fun place to visit on from holiday homes in Germany, regardless of whether you make the climb to the overlooking castles or not. Renting accommodation with NOVASOL gives families the flexibility to explore castles such as Hohenschwangau in their own time and pick the best activities for them.

Hohenzollern Castle – holiday rentals in Germany

A building of royal magnificence, Hohenzollern has been in the Prussian Royal Family for almost over 950 years. The castle has been rebuilt many times throughout that period with the current design built in the 19th century. With its location only 50km from Stuttgart, Hohenzollern is easily reached from German holiday homes in the Black Forest or from across the south-western region of Baden-Württemberg. For historians in the family, the castle houses a uniform worn by Frederick the Great among other artefacts.

Heidelberg Castle – accommodation in Germany

The university town of Heidelberg, just north of the Black Forest, is dominated by its castle which overlooks the town from its position on the hillside. From the exterior, the castle looks cobbled together with many different periods and ideas expressing themselves within its structure. This is because the castle has been almost completely or partially destroyed in many wars throughout its lifetime, which began as far back as the 13th century. Nowadays, the castle is open to the public to enjoy, who wander around its complex structure and visit the Heidelberg Tun – purportedly the largest wine barrel in the world. Even if you don’t enter the castle, the town of Heidelberg is extremely pleasant and a delightful place to visit from holiday homes in Germany.

Schwerin Castle – self-catering in Germany

If you are staying in Northern Germany, away from rolling Alps and Bavarian landscapes of in the south of the country, there are still amazing castles to explore. One such fort is Schwerin Castle, located on an island in the middle of Schwerin lake. The lake, only a short drive from Hamburg and Lübeck, is the third largest and Germany and an adequate setting for this amazing monument. A castle has stood on this spot since the 10th century, although the current castle was completed in the mid-nineteenth century. When visiting on family holidays, watch out for Petermännchen, the ghost who is said to haunt the castle’s corridors.

German cuisine and culture

Germany is a wonderful place to visit for family holidays in Europe, full of interesting sites, fun activities and plenty of history. The castles form part of Germany’s Medieval and early-modern history but there is much more to explore elsewhere in dynamic cities such as the capital Berlin. Staying in a rented accommodation in Germany, the culinary delights of northern Europe are at your fingertips. German cuisine is more sophisticated than it gets credit for, but you can always rely on plenty of pork and cabbage in delicious combinations, washed down perfectly with a local beer.

NOVASOL holiday homes in Germany

With 50,000 holiday homes in 28 countries across Europe, NOVASOL has a fantastic range of accommodation for families to enjoy. When exploring Germany’s castles and schlosses, NOVASOL’s holiday homes in Germany tick the boxes for affordability and location. All NOVASOL’s holiday homes are selected by our teams across Europe who visit them before they are offered for rent, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and reliability.