Castles in Europe

Spice up holidays in Europe this year by visiting the continent’s magical castles. Across Europe, from Portugal to Germany and beyond, there are fantastic castles and fortresses to explore. Self-catering gives families the flexibility to visit these amazing sites at their own pace, preparing lunches in the kitchen beforehand and washing dirty clothes in the washing machine when you get back. Don’t miss out on the activities you want to enjoy by renting holiday homes with NOVASOL.

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Alcazar Castle – villas in Spain

Located in the old city of Segovia, to the north-east of Spain’s capital Madrid, Alcazar Castle towers above the city atop a large rocky crag. Being in such close proximity to Madrid, the castle is easily reached on a day-tip from Spanish villas in the capital, and is well worth it not just for the castle but for the dainty and charming city below. One end of Alcazar castle has the distinctive shape of a ship's bow, and although it was originally designed as a defensive fortress, it has served many functions including military academy and royal palace. The castle is now labelled a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a must-see while self-catering in central Spain.

Neuschwanstein Castle – holiday homes in Germany

Possibly the most famous castle in Europe, Neuschewanstein appears to be taken straight from a fairy tale. In fact, the relationship is often the other way around with visionaries such as Walt Disney and others basing many of their tale’s locations on the castle. Neuschewanstein’s white stone walls and towering buttresses, which look out over the German Alps, are fun for families to explore, especially on the clearest days when the views are the best. NOVASOL has diverse range of Bavarian apartments and holiday homes which are within easy driving distance to the magnificent castle.

Wartburg Castle – holiday homes in Germany

Wartburg Castle might not be the most visually impressive castle in Europe, but for history-buffs there are few castles that are more significant to visit on self-catering holidays. Germany has had a tumultuous history, particularly during the Reformation when Wartburg Castle played a significant role, housing Martin Luther who translated the Bible from Greek there in 1522. The castle is now somewhat of a museum, and because of its location right at centre of country, it is possible to visit from accommodation across Germany.

Burg Eltz Castle – holiday homes in Germany

The final German castle on this list, Berg Eltz is perhaps the most romantic of them all. The castle’s location, in a remote forest east of Frankfurt, is secluded far away from busy society, protecting it from the wars and disasters of modern German history. The design of the castle, which was completed to its current state in the 16th century, rises high to meet the towering hills which surround it, its blue tiled roofs contrasting the green surroundings. When visiting from holiday homes in Germany, bring sturdy shoes for the 45-minute walk from the train station, as well as snacks for young children.

Hohenwerfen Castle – self-catering in Austria

Just over the German border in Austria, the Castle of Hohenwerfen can be visited from NOVASOL’s Bavarian apartments or, of course, holiday homes in Austria. Hohenwerfen has sat menacingly on the mountainside for over 900 years and has been used as a defensive fort for almost all of that time. Having defended against countless attackers, the castle has some of the most formidable medieval walls on the continent, which look even more impressive in the snowy winter months.

Château de Chenonceau – French holiday homes

Château de Chenonceau, located in the gorgeous Loire Valley, is one of the most recognisable castles in France. Although delightful to look at, particularly its elegant bridge over the moat, many of the château’s most intriguing and impressive elements can be found inside in the form of decorative furniture and art. The castle has an intriguing history, having been once a royal residence and later administered by a series of impressive women including Louise Dupin. Now, the castle welcomes 800,000 visitors a year, many from French holiday homes in the Loire Valley.

Chateau de Chambord – French holiday homes

Chances are you have seen Chateau de Chambord before, either on history programmes or postcards. In many ways the chateau, which rises up from Le Cosson River in the Loire Valley, is a symbol of France with its mixture of Renaissance and Medieval design capturing the French identity. Built originally as a royal residence before being made vacant after the French Revolution, the chateau is a wonderful place to visit on villa holidays in France, particularly in the nice weather when families can enjoy the gardens and the riverside.

Palace of Pena – villas in Portugal

Stay in apartments in Lisbon and visit the magnificent Palace of Pena on a day-tip. The palace is located in Sintra, a gorgeous hilly region to the north-west of the Portuguese capital, and has a distinctive design which takes inspiration from the Moors and Europeans. The position of the palace means that it can be seen from every angle in the surrounding countryside, adding to its splendour and guaranteeing great views from its walls. Below, Sintra is an delightful place to visit, with winding streets and many small bars and restaurants. Return to Lisbon accommodation after a fun day out and indulge in seafood in the warm evenings, washed down with award-winning wines.

NOVASOL Holiday Homes

Self-catering holidays in Europe encourage family fun, giving families the flexibility to discover and enjoy the attractions that interest them. Castles are an activity for all the family, young and old, who can appreciate the history and design of these towering structures. Rent accommodation France, Portugal, Germany and across Europe to see these castles for yourself, and discover their magic. All of NOVASOL’s holiday homes are hand-selected by our teams across Europe, with the objective of providing our customers with a fantastic choice of homes in desirable locations at a great price.