The land of cycling will host the Tour de France


The summer of 2022 will be both familiar and spectacular. As always, a large proportion of us will gather July afternoon after July afternoon as the Tour de France gets underway and the battle for the yellow jersey sets in. The spectacular part - and what makes this year completely different - is that the traditional cycling race is partially hosted by our neighbors to the north.

Le Grande Départ Copenhague Denmark 2022 therefore means we can replace our television watching with banners and cheering along the route in Denmark, as the world's best cyclists first take on Copenhagen for the time trials, round West Zealand on stage 2 and set off into Southern Jutland on stage 3, before the tour heads back to France.

So, if you are a big fan of Tour de France or perhaps think it would be cool to have a completely unique holiday experience, this is the year to assemble your own team of breakaway riders, sprinters, classification favorites and support riders in one of our many holiday homes located along the route of one of the three grueling stages. That way, you're guaranteed the very best of the Danish summer and a fast-paced holiday.

Read more about each stage below and find out where in Denmark to combine front row seats to pro cycling with great holiday experiences and quality time in one of our holiday homes.

Holiday homes in Hornbæk, Denmark | NOVASOL
Holiday home in Hornbæk in North Zealand

Stage 1: Time trials in Copenhagen on July 1, 2022

- the world’s best riders prove their worth in the capital of biking

The placement in the classification is at stake when the time trials are kicked off on the very first July day of the year. Here, one by one, riders will take to the asphalt of Copenhagen and over 13 fateful kilometers - from the different boroughs, through Frederiksstaden towards the finishing line at Tivoli - they will sprint past one iconic landmark after another.

Departing from a holiday home in the Northern part of Zealand, you can quickly get into the city for an eventful day with views of both powerhouses, The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Palace Square, Christiansborg, the Opera, The Royal Theatre and Nyhavn.

And there's more in store, because Copenhagen is much more than the world's best cycling city. The capital is also home to gastronomic, cultural and fun experiences of all kinds. Enjoy the buzzing summer atmosphere at the city's many eateries, where you can sample world cuisines or dine out of the ordinary at a Michelin-starred restaurant. You can visit several museums, such as the National Museum of Art or the National Museum, and feel your stomach churn as you go up and down one of Tivoli's many rides. Nothing beats a real summer day in Copenhagen, and you decide how it goes.

Once the dust cloud from the lightning-fast riders has settled and you've got plenty of experiences under your belt, you can return to the summer house in North Zealand, where the days can slow down again by the coast.

Hey! If you're a real Tour de France fan, consider booking a holiday home in either North or West Zealand. That way, you'll be within easy driving distance of both the time trial in Copenhagen and most of the second stage, which starts in Roskilde.

Holiday homes in Langsø | NOVASOL
Holiday home in Langsø on Fyn

Stage 2: Roskilde - Nyborg on July 2, 2022

- the teams will create history when riding over one of the largest bridges in the world


The confidence level will be high for some, while other riders may be feeling a bit frustrated with their position on the first real stage of the race. There is something at stake for all of them, and hence the day will be marked by pure drama from the beginning in the cathedral city of Roskilde to the finish line in the heart of the Danish kingdom, Nyborg.

The route leads the teams through the highlands of West Zealand, and as bystanders you will hardly find a more beautiful backdrop than this with views of fjords, fields, and meadows. However, the 202-kilometer stage is not for the faint-hearted, as they have to conquer three category 4 climbs in Veddinge Bakker, with the wind a fierce companion along the coast, while the sprint for the win sets in across the Storebælt bridge. As the world's 3rd largest suspension bridge, it must certainly seem awe-inspiring - even for the most experienced sprinters.

In this part of lovely Denmark, you can do as the team does and break out to explore all the best of Odsherred. Here you'll find everything from landscapes with historic burial mounds and monuments, to great cultural experiences and lovely towns with great restaurants and activities for you all. Maybe you choose to follow the riders all the way across the bridge to beautiful Funen, or wait excitedly in the front row for the crazy minutes at the finishing line. Either way, the idyllic island is the place for quality time and experiences of all kinds. In fact, your imagination is the only limit to what you can do, as the area is home to great historical, cultural and gastronomic experiences.

Holiday home by the Loddenhøj Strand in South Jutland | NOVASOL
Holiday home by the Loddenhøj Strand in South Jutland

Stage 3: Vejle - Sønderborg on July 3, 2022

- the riders will be closing off in the heart of Denmark


The final day of the Tour on the Danish roads from Vejle to Sønderborg is expected to be highly dramatic as the coveted dotted mountain jersey comes into play again, since this part of the route also features three category climbs. While Mont Ventoux is the big beast in the race's familiar French surroundings, the hills around Vejle will probably prove to be where the sheep are really separated from the goats - or the sprinters from the helpers, if you will. At the same time, the area will also be home to many of the Danish riders, who undoubtedly will be doing their bit to impress the home crowd on the wide roads towards the crucial finishing line in the town of Soenderborg.

Stage 3 is set to be182 kilometers, and the riders will pass, among many other things, the UNESCO-preserved Jellinge monuments, beautiful beaches, Christiansfeld and Dybbøl Mølle, all of which are sights you should definitely also take a closer look at now that the love of cycling has already taken you to these shores.

Once the day in the saddle is over, the riders have a rest day before the Tour de France returns to France. Based in one of our cottages here in the region, you have the option to take the following day at just as relaxed a pace and decide for yourself whether the hours will be spent relaxing in the garden, at the beach or taking in the sights of Als and Southern Jutland. In fact, this area of our Danish backyard is perfectly suited for a holiday in a cottage, because it abounds in outdoor activities, cultural and historical experiences for both young and old in such indescribably beautiful surroundings.

Holidaying with a bit of French flair

NOVASOL calls all sprinters! Now is the time to book your holiday home along the stages if you dream of watching the battle for the yellow jersey up close or would just like to spice up the Danish high summer with a little French flair. Wherever in the country you choose to settle, we promise one thing - it'll be a full-on holiday.

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