National parks

Discover Croatian national parks

Enjoy the amazing flora and fauna in Dalmatia while self-catering in Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar or other parts of Dalmatia in one of over 9,000 villas in Croatia. It is exciting and fascinating to discover all the different types of national parks in North Dalmatia, Central Dalmatia and South Dalmatia together with your friends and family. Environment and nature protection is of high significance in Dalmatia and the international criteria for important plants are followed, which is one reason why the landscapes in Dalmatia are still so beautiful and untouched.

National Parks worth visiting whilst self-catering Croatia

Are you looking for some peace of mind and tranquillity? A day trip to one of Dalmatia’s national parks might be exactly what you need during your holiday. So why not look up which of the national parks below is closest to our villas in Dalmatia?

* The Paklenica National Park

* The Kornati National Park

* The Krka National Park

* The Mljet National Park

* The Biokovo Nature Park

* The Telascica Bay National Park

Family holidays in our Croatian villas

There are 10 national parks, 8 natural reserves and 2 strictly protected areas in Croatia that can be visited during your family holiday in our villas in Croatia. The 2 strictly protected areas, or so-called conservation areas, where the nature and landscapes hasn’t been changed at all by any human being. Be aware that no activities are allowed that might affect those lovely areas that can be found in the Kapela Mountains and in the Velebit Mountain Range. In total all mentioned national parks and reserves in Dalmatia add up to around 5% of the Croatian territory and can be visited on guided tours while spending your holiday in one of our Croatia holiday apartments, cottages or villas.

National parks in Dalmatia

The national parks in Dalmatia can be described as big, natural areas with almost untouched ecosystems that only allow traditional agriculture and sustainable tourism and follow strict guidelines. Four out of eight national parks in Croatia can be found in Dalmatia and can be visited during your self-catering holidays in Croatia. These include Mljet, Paklenica, Krka and Kornati, which are close by our Croatia holiday villas in Dalmatia and only have low entrance fees. Why not ask at the closest tourist office if there are family discounts available?

Natural reserves in Dalmatia

Natural reserves are a special type of national parks in Croatia that have less strict rules as regards the protection and cultivation of landscapes compared to a national park. They are allowed to be marketed; where as it has to be assured that the nature and landscapes are protected at all times. There are 11 natural reserves in Croatia, 5 of which can be found in Dalmatia and include Velebit Natural Reserve, VranskoJezero, Telašćica, Lastova and Biokovo. Why not book your vacation in one of our villas in Dalmatia close to a national park or natural reserve today and discover the breath-taking landscapes and wonderful sceneries?