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Bring your pet with you on holiday for free

A holiday is an occasion where the family can spend some true quality time together and we at NOVASOL believe that the pet is an important member of the family! Just like the rest of the family, the dog enjoys long walks, quiet moments, relaxation and perhaps they also enjoy playing in the sea!

Therefore you can bring your pet for FREE in many of our holiday rentals.

Unless otherwise stated, you can normally bring a maximum of two pets (dogs, cats, rabbits) to the holiday rental, except in Southern European destinations where you can only bring one.


We have split our holiday homes that allow at least one pet into the following two categories:

Pets allowed

Pet holidays

Very pet friendly

Holiday homes with this symbol have been chosen, because they are very pet friendly based on space, suitable outdoor space and relevant information:

  • The grounds are minimum 500 m2, so there is plenty of outdoor space for the pet.
  • The holiday rental does not have a landscaped garden, so you don't have to worry if your pet likes to dig or eat the flowers.
  • In the holiday rental you can find information, such as the phone number and address for the nearest vet.

Please note: this pet friendly category is only available in some of our destinations (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark and Poland)


Please do let us know if you want to bring pets at the time of the booking.

Visit government website for more information about taking your pet abroad.